Hi – I’m a Mammalogist working as a freelance ecological consultant and wildlife photographer, predominantly focussing on deer but also other animals.  I am still new to ‘blogging’, but when time allows will post things here now and again about “Deer and other things dear to me’.  Come back soon !  ..and follow on Twitter @JoLangb

Over the past decade a large portion of my work via LangbeinWildlife Associates has been concerned with assessing the scale and distribution of deer vehicle collisions across Britain (with the Deer Initiative, Highways Agency and SNH ); as well as parallel studies and design of mitigation measures aimed at reducing wildlife accidents, undertaken for clients ranging from goRoe Doe peeking by Jochen Langbeinvernment agencies and local authorities, to NGOs and private developers. 

Other main areas of expertise include provision of surveys and advice for preparation of deer management plans – be it for major community forests, park herds or private landholdings; assessment of mammal impact to forestry and agriculture; and application of remote video surveillance techniques, trail-cameras, GIS , and ground based as well as GPS radio-tracking for research.  

Alongside consultancy work, if not out cycling or rowing, you’ll most likely find me photographing wildlife or occasionally sports events.

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